Seasonal Activities yet to be Discovered

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Discover all the seasonal activities found at Wine Route of Navarra.

During spring, summer and autumn, Wine Route of Navarra offers many wine making activities and experiences aimed at discovering, learning about and enjoying wine-making in Navarra with the family, your spouse or friends.

We also invite you to discover more about our complete wine tourism offer along with a wide historical and cultural heritage and one of the best culinary proposals in Spain.

Autumn activities

A large number of activities are available in autumn for people who are passionate about wine and the harvesting of grapes, wine-making in the wine cellars and subsequent pruning and fertilising of our beloved land. From Wine Route we recommend experiencing up close, many of the important and beautiful events involved with making some of the country's best wines. Discover our offer on activities and visit Navarra to experience with all your senses.

Spring activities

As wine-making enthusiasts, spring is the period when flowers blossom and the first blush occurs, which brings colour to our vineyards. At Wine Route of Navarra we celebrate and accompany this season with a complete list of events aimed at discovering the world of wine and learning its secrets; all at a location that is at the height of its tourism activity. Come and discover Navarra and enjoy the most authentic enotourism activities.

Summer activities

Summer is the season for digging the vine rows and thinning our vineyards, a passionate activity in wine growing that is as old as time itself. At Wine Route of Navarra this is the season to enjoy the rural landscape of our wine cellars, always accompanied of some of the best wines. This is why we offer a series of activities for enjoying our land in a manner that is very different and unique.

Make your own experience

However, Navarre´s Wine Route is all that and much more. Discover here all the things our land can offer.