Tips for wine tourism

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How to move around Navarre

You can access Navarre's Wine Route by the regional train, the bus and a private transport service. The regional bus lines and train are a very good transport choice to get to more centric wine areas, which are located near the most important population centers; in cases where wineries are somewhat more distant, you will have to use a private transport service.

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Let yourself be guided

The best way to know in depth some of our wineries and oenological cultural spaces is to hire the services of highly specialized guides. In Navarre's Wine Route we have the services of the best wine tourism guides, who possess a deep knowledge of wineries, viniculture, production, and the history and culture of the region. More information below.

Other recommendations

Here are some practical tips to make your trip as comfortable as possible.


Book beforehand to visit the wineries

Today, most wineries are open, but it is important to make a reservation previously. It is best to have a prior appointment before visiting them. Plan your trip well, know the visit conditions, duration and prices before going. It will help you to decide the rest of the day.



Many of the visits to the wineries end with a wine tasting. We recommend asking about the different options that our wineries offer. Each winery presents its packs in a different way, they even offer other possibilities: tasting pairings with local products such as cheese or oil, lunches, etc. We recommend you to ask beforehand for these proposals.


Do not drink and drive

Usually, visits to the wineries take place in the rural area and require transportation by car or bus. Our advice is to taste many wines during tastings, but to drink little during the journey. Sleeping or eating in the wineries offering these services or in their vicinity, is very appropriate in this case, if you have private transport. Wine tourism is the best way to disconnect from everyday life, so it is best not to take unnecessary risks.


Footwear and comfortable clothes

Daily departures to go all over the wine route are usually long and cover different types of land, so we recommend to always wear comfortable shoes and clothes to avoid possible falls and uncomfortable chafing. Remember that enjoying is always a priority for those who love wine.


Curiosity enriches

Behind each wine there are a thousand stories to be discovered. We recommend you to be curious and ask during the visits. You will enjoy the visits and expand your knowledge. A great wine begins in the field; the viticulture’s role is essential. Production and aging is an exciting world and many things are yet to be discovered in each of the wineries where they are produced.

Enjoy our land. You will love it.

More travel agencies

Our travel agencies welcome you and help you gather more information about our territory. Feel free to come visit as you will be treated extremely well.