A Land with a passion for Wine

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Navarre's Wine Route is an experience of contrasts that you will love.

Navarre’s Wine Route gathers a careful selection of wineries and touristic establishments of high quality and professionalism, inviting you to taste the pleasures of a good life and to learn about the wine culture of our territory.

In addition, Navarre has the exclusive ability to transport and transmit that set of wine scents and aromas, the history and living nature in all its wines, which is a unique experience for the most demanding palates.

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Wine in our History

Our history treasures a memory, rich in artistic and cultural manifestations, from which, by nature, wine has not been able to escape. Just as wine transforms and develops subtle and complex aromas over the years, the land protecting it has also learned how to develop with it, without separating from tradition. At the moment, Navarre’s wine is living the result of a long journey over the course of almost 20 centuries. Today, the Navarre viticulture is committed to modernization. It has established itself as an area of fine wines, surprising people with its famous rosé wines, its exquisite young reds, delicious Chardonnay white wines, and even the great red wines of aging and reserve, without forgetting the seductive white muscatel.

The Wineries, our heart.

Without question, wineries and viticulture are the heart and a fundamental part of the history of our land. Its facilities, located in some of the most emblematic locations of Navarre, are places of pilgrimage for those who love the best wines. Passion for wine and its aging has led for generations to the modernization of its production, but without losing the good work of our people.

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D.O. Navarra

D.O. Navarra is characterized by the great diversity of landscapes and weathers of our territory. In Navarra, there is an exceptional circumstance, practically unique in the Iberian Peninsula: The confluence of the Atlantic, continental and Mediterranean climates, the proximity of the Cantabrian Sea, the influence of the Pyrenees and the bonanza of the Ebro valley, bring forth this varied climate, resulting in unique wines.

Navarra Wine Lovers

Navarre's Wine Lovers is a proposal of active and dynamic communication, developed by D.O. Navarra to promote loyalty and foster a young community of good wine lovers. This dynamic entity, in addition to communicating, is also responsible for organizing and enhancing endless events to improve and support the Navarra wine image. All the information here.

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Our wineries

Discover the heart of Navarre's Wine Route, our impressive wineries.