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A thousand and one experiences to be discovered in Navarre's Wine Route.

Navarre’s Wine Route offers the discovery of an exciting land full of colors, aromas and flavors that will captivate you. The experiences that the Route offers are as many as the people who visit us. Depending on what you are looking for, we suggest some ideas and experiences that you can find so that you can make a plan.

One tip: planning your trip, according to the number of people, ages and the type of experiences you want to live the most, will help you optimize the experience.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Wine lover's tour for two

The Wine Route has a special magic for couples who travel together. Getting to know Navarre through its wines, territory and impressive wineries, is an experience you will never forget. From a short walk among the vineyards at sunset, visiting some of the most incredible settlements that Navarre offers, to going out at night to taste our incredible wines and our succulent and international pintxos. Navarre's Wine Route offers a romantic vision of viniculture that will leave a positive impression in wine lovers forever.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Friendship between glasses

Trips with friends accompanied by adventures, food and the best wines are one of the greatest pleasures of this life. In Navarre's Wine Route, we know well the importance of creating bonds around a good table and social gathering. That is why here you have some of the most relevant plans and offers to experience our Route, with your most intimate friendships. Finally, we remind you that the friendships we, the people from Navarre, make last forever. So we are waiting for you.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Family Wine tourism

Family Wine tourism is more than possible. In addition to the shared activities, our proposal also has some experiences that focus on children’s enjoyment, turning this trip into an unforgettable experience for the whole family, offering walks around the vineyards, grape harvests, tasting musts, to experience our heritage and other adventures, among others.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Exquisite palates

Gastronomy and wine tourism have been booming for some years now and on Navarre’s Wine Route, we are fortunate to have some of the best wineries and wines in the country that match perfectly with our excellent vegetables and horticultural products, as well as with other local treasures like the truffle or oil or the best meat and fish. Getting to know Navarre through the good food route is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience that will conquer your palate and make you love it for its beautiful vineyards, wineries and restaurants. Here are our proposal for those who enjoy the best wines and good food.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Hicking among vinyards.

Walking is one of the most pleasant hobbies to connect with a landscape and get to know a territory. Relaxing in our paths and innumerable roads that cross wineries, vineyards, and olives, or getting closer to the small heritage preserved in our environment, is an unforgettable experience for those who enjoy tranquility and being outdoors. Navarre´s Wine Route is a perfect place to get lost and disconnect from everyday life, by going deeper into to the rural and wine environment as if we were winegrowers.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Wine on the road

The ancient way of St. James crosses the Wine Route in its two branches, leaving its historical and cultural trace in our land. By walking through it, we inevitably get to its wineries, churches and roads. From Navarre’s Wine Route, we invite you to discover the fascinating relationship between the Jacobean and wine: an itinerary full of history and stories that will always surprise you.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Bardenas terroir

The Bardenas reales is a natural park (Biosphere Reserve) in the southeast of Navarre and is considered one of the great touristic gems of our land. This area of the Chartered Community of Navarre and its surroundings are a horticultural territory characterized by a strong wine presence, offering innumerable natural, sports and gastronomic activities and, most importantly, oenological activities. We give you the best wine tourism offer to visit the area without missing the best wines that give the Bardenas its distinctive and unique flavor.

Turismo del vino en Navarra

Medieval History of Wine

Navarre has a long wine-growing tradition. The archaeological findings have left evidence that date back to Roman times as proved by the village of Arellano. Afterwards, the monasteries that proliferated during medieval times continued this work, causing the fame of Navarre to be associated with good wine. ``Land of good bread and excellent wine`` is a quote that reach us.<br /> The world of vine and wine is all over our medieval heritage, and we see it in the Romanesque, on the gates of the Gothic churches, in palaces and castles spread across our geography, filling our visits with stories, legends and history. We also have some of the best historical recreation festivals where artisanship and local products are of great importance. Here we show you the most significant events to include in a wine trip for history lovers.

Seasonal Activities

During the wine season, Wine Route of Navarra offers many wine tourism activities and experiences aimed at discovering, learning about and enjoying wine-making.