Lovers of the land and its history

Where the landscape begins to soften, the rivers are tamed and the climate is tempered, this is where the best wines are grown.

The goodness of this territory allowed wine to become strong in it over the centuries, following Camino de Santiago from Baja Montaña, among the cereal fields of Estella land and the olive trees and fertile gardens of Zona Media and Ribera, which are mixed with the steppe desert of Las Bardenas Reales and Montes de Valdorba. Thus, the wines giving character to our beloved land have been paired.

Through multiple proposals, Navarre’s Wine Route allows you to discover this territory, where the world of wine invades the landscape, heritage, festivities, gastronomy and the kind nature of its inhabitants.

A broad historical heritage

Touring Navarre's Wine Route allows us to know its treasures, which are traces of the past that tell stories and transport us to another time. The rich patrimonial wealth of Navarre is added to the warmth of its people who are used to the passage and lodging of pilgrims to Santiago. The Jacobean Route, a European cultural itinerary par excellence, crosses the territory in its two branches, leaving outstanding artistic exponents such as the Palace of the Kings of Navarre, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher or the church of Santa María de Eunate. The witnesses that this long history has left us like grains of a bunch of grapes are other jewels that must be visited like the Javier Castle, the Monastery of Leyre, the Royal Palace of Olite, the steppe desert of Bardenas Reales de Navarre, among others.

Wine Route Activities

Navarre's Wine Route complements the activities surrounding wine with proposals to learn about the landscapes and vine cycles from the vineyard itself. The interpretative viewpoints and paths through the vineyards intend to deepen and bring all types of public closer to vine cultivation in a pleasant and simple way. The grape harvest and gastronomy festivals, such as Day of Rosé Wine of San Martin de Unx, propose a calendar full of attractive dates throughout the year. All of them recover elements that are part of their patrimonial heritage: gastronomy, wine culture, folklore, history, tradition or legends.

The best gastronomy

In Navarre's Wine Route, you can taste the quality of Navarre's products (peppers, asparagus, tomatoes, artichokes, vegetables, migas, truffles and the best meats and fish...) in our hotels, restaurants and specialized stores, paired with the Navarra wine. All these raw materials are elaborated combining the wisdom and experience transmitted from generation to generation, mixed with the most innovative techniques of the nouvelle cuisine.

Other outdoor activities

Beyond the recommended visits to wineries, we discovered experiences in the vineyard itself, such as rides and routes in all-terrain vehicles or carts. Do not forget bikes, as we have the most excellent MTB trails for specialists or those with a ``enjoy the landscape`` level. Other days, the placid sunsets will invite you to share a rosé among the vines, in good company, with the most special person to you.