The Wine Route of Navarre

The area of Navarre

In the Central Zone of Navarre begins to soften the landscape: mountains undulate, painting an environment of rolling hills and ravines, the climate is temperate and rainfall decreases, turning this land into a place suitable for grape production and processing of the best wines. The wine can not be separated from this area because for many centuries has been a major source of wealth that have given fields, being present in the lives of its inhabitants, slopes of the vineyard, vintage and winery.

This scenario paints a unique environment in which the beauty of this land is intermingled with the feelings of the people. They talk of the harvest, the value of the grapes … the culture of wine drunk their lives. In autumn, after harvesting, the smell of wine cellars and floods crosses the streets, the atmosphere and mood of the people, making the area of ​​Navarre, a delight for the senses.

The wine in Navarra

The Navarre wine route includes a selection of wineries and tourist establishments in this land, its quality and professionalism to help you dive into the culture of wine and savor the pleasures of the good life.

We invite you to organize your own route, stroll through ancient cellars and endearing, by modern or the smaller family, savor fine wines in our restaurants who wear their table and rounded the dish, creating a marriage without competition. Stay in municipalities located in beautiful wine-growing enclaves in the midst of a typical landscape of vineyards, where you will feel at home.

Enjoy leisure activities linked to wine made from vineyards tours, on foot, bicycle or horseback, discovering the colors of the vines look at the wealth of this land from their viewpoints, engage in tasting to learn the nuances and peculiarities of our wines …

The uniqueness and rich heritage of this area, in which his palaces evoke historic and medieval times, is added to heat your people give to people who visit us, accustomed to being the crossroads of pilgrimage to Santiago.

You can taste the excellent wines of the area, accompanied by the best traditional, creative and distinguished. Remember your stay in our land as an unforgettable experience, a pleasure for the senses.